Nigeria National Complex
The Nigeria National Complex is made up by the Nigeria Cultural Centre and the National Square where the Millennium Tower and the Municipal Building will be located. The works have already started and their completion will celebrate the 20th birthday of the New Capital.

The complex extends over two adjoining lots in the cultural, religious and administrative heart of the city, at the intersection of the central civic axis and the cult axis that unites the Catholic Cathedral and the Great Mosque.

The Cultural Centre will include the Museum of the Millenary Nigerian Art, an Hotel, an Auditorium for 1200 seat. On the adjacent lot the 170 m. tall Millenium Tower dominates the 'National Square' rising above an underground parking for 1100 cars.

The three cylindrical r.c. steles of the Tower are surrounded by three transparent stainless steel wings which open towards the sky like the arms of the mysterious stone holy figures hidden in the Forest. The wings bear the luminous symbol of the Nation.

An underground Commercial Arcade links the Cultural Centre and the Millenium Tower separated by a road carrying heavy city traffic.

The design was strongly inspired by the Nigerian Tradition. The Cultural Centre is conceived like a small city in the city. A protective envelop holds several different buildings and represents a metaphor of the “Afin Enclave” the political and holy walled centre within the old towns like Oyo Oyo or the famous Ile-Ife, “inhabited by the Gods”, according to tradition.

In the Osgobo Sacred Grove the volumetric organisation of the Monumental Shrines consists of a large horizontal base surmounted by a very tall sculpture, the very symbolic centre. A similar relationship is created between the Millenium Tower, symbol of Nigeria, and the much lower Cultural Centre. Its triangular external walls decorations, naturally ventilated by an independent glazed skin, derive their strong design and chromatic pattern by old ceramics and textiles.

The large roof of the Cultural Centre covering about 16.500 sq.m. eliminating any pillars from the central space of the Building, is made up of a reinforcing strip at the edges and a central part consisting of a light steel and glass structure with high tension cupola curvature geometrically modelled by the meeting of the three Flat Saddle domes. The building material seems almost to fade to give full sight of the sky. Special glass and sun shades elements control the heat gain from solar radiation.


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