NHN Green Factory
NHN Green Factory A sustainable headquarters for the production of knowledge Located in a newly developed area in Bundang city and surrounded by tall mixed-use buildings, the NHN Green Factory headquarters building is developed on a 6,600? site that faces the Kyungbu highway. Because Kyungbu highway is the main gateway leading to the Seoul metropolitan city and the building could be easily recognized, the facades of the building were taken into special consideration during the design process as it will convey the corporate image of NHN. In the process of designing the ‘NHN Green Factory’ headquarters building, communication and change were the most important factors. These elements correspond with NHN's corporate image and worked as the most important concepts. Wide open-space layouts in typical floor layout and communication zones on the 4th floor were designed to encourage better communication and integration among the employees. These spatial compositions enable employees to interact with each other, and to promote communication among the employees for cooperation, socialization and brainstorming. To create the overall image of the building, advanced vertical louvers were placed behind the curtain-wall facades. The motored louvers control natural lighting along with color changes on the surface of the building. The louvers, which seem to working individually, convey a feeling of a canvas that constantly changes the building's front facade to represent the image of a continually evolving company. The whole building can be used for events by attaching pictures on the louvers to transform the building into an art box. This space is designed to convey messages to the local community and to be used for company advertisement To create a pleasant working environment, under floor air-conditioning system was adopted to enable air conditioning by zone, by group and by floors. The 1F exhibition hall and 4F lounge were designed as sustainable spaces with consideration to the outdoor sculpture park. The integrated vertical louvers on the facade provide a wide open view as well as a pleasant working environment by controlling sunshine and shades. To maximize usability, various up-to-date facilities including hybrid meeting rooms used for resting, dining, meeting, and advanced parking systems that differentiates floors with distinguished sounds for each parking floors were installed. The open public area was planned to correspond with the transparent facades. NHN’s library on the 1st floor will be open to local neighborhood as well as the outdoor coffee shops which will support pedestrian activities.


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