Nexus II

Company incubator office building located on the North Campus of the UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya). The horizontal 4-storey building, on a 6,000sqm slope, includes 5,200 sqm of office space and 1,800 sqm of parking space. The square ground plan, conceived to foster highly flexible use of the interiors, is divided into four mutually independent 18 x 18-m spaces. Two large shade-providing ailerons stress the horizontal effect of the composition. The transparent double-glazed façades insulate and soundproof the interior while allowing light to penetrate and providing views to the garden. Two transversally placed light wells guarantee optimum natural illumination. The building’s structure is of concrete. Clear glass have been used for the façades, lacquered steel on the ceilings and marble on the floors.


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