New XIUYI Kindergarten Proposal / Studio 7 of Urban Architecture China

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New XIUYI Kindergarten Proposal / Studio 7 of Urban Architecture China

Designed by Studio 7 of Urban Architecture China
Yang Lifeng - Director
Zhou Jungang – Project Manager
Yin Shun
Li Yaojing
Yin Shanhong
Zhou Bohui

Status: Unbuilt
Title: New XIUYI Kindergarten
Location: Kunshan, China
Total Ground Area: 14535 m²
Built Area: 5108 m²
Floor Area: 15704 m²
Playground Area: 1861 m² outdoor
Max Height: 24 m
No. of Children: 1200

No. of Classrooms: 30

The design is strongly connected to the layout of the traditional village, spreading 30 classrooms into nine buildings and forming a relatively independent settlement type of a space. The organic arrangement creates both interesting private play areas and diversified public spaces, at a scale appropriate for children.

Garden / Veranda
The living units are connected to the communal space through zigzag elevated walkways shaped like "verandas" clearly inspired from the classical garden of Suzhou, the Master of Nets Garden. The layout should read as a pathway floating in the air spreading out in a forest, providing delicate spatial and visual experience at every corner.

Skin / Embroidery
"Xiu" (embroidery) appears in the name of this project due to its importance in the local traditional embroidery process of Suzhou. The building`s skin is decorated according to simple embroidery patterns. Colorful vertical sunshades resemble fine and dense pinpoints which weave a piece of beautiful cloth wrapping the whole building. Simple but colorful appearances form the different character of each unit, are perceived by children as "candy village".




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