New Sami Parliment Building, Badjáneampi

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New Sami Parliment Building, Badjáneampi
The winning proposal of the international architectural competition for a new Swedish Sami parliament building is called Badjáneapmi, “awakening in the Sami tongue. It marks the final Swedish recognition of the rights of the Sami, members of a Scandinavian transnational indigenous society. When built in the northern mining town of Kiruna it will house Sametinget – part government agency, part elected assembly – the organisation tasked with promoting Sami language, culture and industry.
The building is inspired by the Lavvu (or Tältkåta in Swedish), a round tent covered in reindeer skins, but has been stretched into a ridged crescent-like shape to create a semi-enclosed space with an open-air fireplace in front of the building, facing the view of the Kiirunavaara mountain and the distant Kebnekajse massif. It thereby emphasizes the traditional importance of the hearth as a gathering place. The building evokes the image of a moon, a snowdrift, a mountain, a leaping salmon or an opening eyelid. The glazed south western concave façade has a recessed wooden secondary façade, while the north eastern convex façade is covered in large-scale glulam wood shingles.
The buildings primary structure is triangular wooden frames. Between the frames there are wooden beams and decks.
The LKAB mining corporation has criticized the original site intended for the parliament building because it may be affected by ground deformation caused by the mining operation within 30-40 years, and alternative sites in Kiruna are being evaluated.
There is a new site chosen in Kiruna. The new site has similar conditions and chosen to suit the proposal.


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