New Edwin Hotel
The New Edwin Hotel is a three storey hotel in Toronto. It was built in 1905 to serve railway passengers coming from a now closed station. The once dignified hotel for several decades was a seedy home for rent with daily and weekly rates. All three floors remained a hotel, while a portion of the lower floor was a nightclub. On April 1, 2008 it was purchased by WoodGreen Community Services housing. They are to transform the building into community housing designed specifically to provide accommodation for the street-involved and homeless seniors at a reasonable level of quality. It will provide "transitional housing" filling the gap between a homeless shelter and permanent social housing. When complete, residents will be able to enjoy their own self-contained apartments. Residents will also receive support through a life-transition program to economic self-sufficiency by gaining new skills, training and jobs through partnerships with other social service agencies, colleges and a number of major corporations. The tavern on the first floor will be renovated and be used to create program areas and offices for WoodGreen staff. Renovations are expected to be complete in 2009. Nearby:
  • New Broadview House Hotel
  • East Toronto Chinatown