Just south of LA's fast-growing downtown, and immediately adjacent to the I-10 freeway, Skid Row Housing Trust's 57,000 sf New Carver Apartments explores how architecture can both create possibilities both for its highly vulnerable, dramatically underserved residents and for the city as whole. Situated nearly a mile from the heart of Skid Row, the project's 97 units provide peramanent housing for formerly homeless elderly and disabled residents, building a place of solace, support, and indiviudal growth on the face of the city's chronic homeless problem. the project aims to construct not only a new optimism for the public space and public housing in LosAngeles, but to form an armature for change through the architectural program, organization, and form. By incorporating communal spaces- kitchens, dining areas, gathering spaces and gardens- into the Carver's raised form, as well as medical and social services support facilities into the plinth beneath, the project allows its residents to not only begin to reconnect with each other, but to the larger city beyond. 
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