New Barnet Town Centre

Spendhill/Tesco has appointed BDP to submit a detailed planning application for a new, sustainable residential development and superstore which will act as a catalyst to reinvigorate the town centre as a thriving, attractive destination. This new sustainable development will aim to achieve Code 4 of Sustainable Homes. New pedestrian links to the park and the railway station will offer greater opportunities for social interaction and urban vitality, increased support for small business, more consumer choice and improved community safety. By intelligent use of passive design principles, such as façade treatments, seasonal solar gain management, rainwater collection, building staggering, spacing and self-shading strategies, the energy efficiency within the scheme is greatly increased. Heat from the main retail store will be utilised in the residential, resulting in efficiency of energy use and a reduction in cost to both parties in the process. The store will be designed to maximise its exposure to northern daylight in order to reduce the lumens per area requirement down to 750 lumens/sq m.


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