New Antalya Stadium
New Antalya Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Antalya, Turkey, that is currently projected. It is expected to be completed in 2014, and will be used mostly for football matches and will host the homes matches of Antalyaspor. The stadium will have a capacity of nearly 41,703 people (all-seated) and will be totally covered. The New Antalya Stadium will be a part of the planned expansion of the city towards the northeast. Located near the Antalya International Airport, the new stadium will be the centre and main attraction of the new area and its surroundings. As such, the stadium is designed in a unique and iconic way, resembling a Mediterranean sea shell. Located on the land above the city, the New Antalya Stadium will be a landmark of the Riviera coastline. A football park will be developed next to the stadium, serving as an education centre and a football academy for the Turkish Football Federation. The park will also function as a training ground for international and European football teams training in the Antalya region during seasonal breaks. Furthermore it will be the home base for Antalya’s Super League club Antalyaspor. The stadium will be easily accessible from the city centre by many different modes of transportation and is located only 5 minutes from the airport by a connecting tram.

Building Activity

  • Matthew Jernberg
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    the connecting tram is already in place. However, there's no way existing infrastructure reading structure number of people expected to meet the stadium's full capacity. Furthermore, popular opposition to the stadium resistance by municipal authorities, which has upon the stadium's sources of funding. This pork-funded project will likely meet with lower than expected turnout to meet its construction's expenditures, and will probably be torn down after some years of underutilization.
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    it's a big lie
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