Neue Staatsgalerie
The Neue Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart, Germany was designed by the British firm James Stirling, Michael Wilford and Associates, although largely accredited solely to partner James Stirling. It was constructed in the 1970s and opened to the public in 1984.

History. Entrance The gallery occupies a site next to the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. A car park is located below the building.

Style. The building incorporates warm, natural elements of travertine and sandstone to contrast the industrial pieces of green steel framing system and the bright pink and blue steel handrails. The building's most prominent feature is a central circular atrium. This outdoor, enclosed space houses the sculpture garden. It is circumvented by a public footpath that leads pedestrians through the lot, turning the architecture into an "architectural landscape." This feature allows the public to reach the higher elevation behind the museum from the lower front of the building's main face.


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