Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art

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Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art
The Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art and the Johnson County Community College are dedicated to the contemporary arts and public education. Located in the outlying suburbs of Kansas City, in the American midwest, the museum provides an important center for the interchange between culture and education. It is a local, regional, and national destination for students, visitors, city residents, and tourists interested in the arts. The museum is connected to a business and technology center by a large two storey atrium, allowing for public passage through the campus, and its art laden spaces. In addition to the core program, the museum, conceived as part of a larger complex, provides amenities for the entire campus. A café is provided in the atrium and a large, multi-purpose lecture hall serves the museum's, and campus' educational needs, and has additional conferencing capabilities. Galleries are provided for the permanent collections, and for temporary and changing exhibitions. Controlled natural lighting is provided for in both the upper and lower level galleries, except in the museum’s specialty black box, media gallery. The exhibition spaces are connected by dramatic, monumental stairways bathed in natural light, which highlight the ascension to the serene upper level galleries. The program of the gallery spaces is clearly identified as a stone volume, cantilevered from the core of the museum – the beginning of the art journey, a large, frameless glazed lobby wall. The form of the museum is organized along patterns reflected in the campus plan, and adjoining landscape. The museum space is linked to the exterior with expansive glazing at the ground floor lobby and strategically placed windows at the upper level, which connect to the prairie landscape beyond and provide dramatic views.


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