Neo, a word derivated from the old Greek meaning new. This prefix commonly used in Spanish take us immediately to avant-garde movements; those names that are preceded by this word always look forward, to renew, to bring ways never seen before or break out with previous forms of art. That is exactly what we pretended to do with this proposal. This work consists of not only presenting just an architectural project or concept, we go beyond by generating a new architectural system which allows typification, standardization, prefabrication, multifunctionality and polyvalency.

This objective is achieved with an integral process in which the structure, the vehicles, the parking areas, and the proportions of the rooms are organized in such way allowing their adjustment to any kind of circumstances, and terrains, and at the same time permitting to grow or decrease in any direction.

The structure has to be efficient and effective in relation with the vehicles to avoid waste areas; regarding  the rooms we propose modules of twelve by twenty six feet to achieve a better interior distribution and a more rational use of materials, (e.g. the carpets are 12 feet long, marble one foot by one foot etc.).

Additionally this structure must adapt to different configurations for any particular use, the important part of the proposal of the architectural concept is to be an open speech, but to allow the use of dismantable facades creating different kinds of architecture and interiors accordingly with each specific need.

These systems must provide the opportunity of the elements exchange and reposition. Being an example of this, hang on facades, floated floors and the materials stapled or fastened to guides; generate free spaces and ducts for known and future technologies giving flexibility and mobility.

As an analogy, this system can be “dressed-up” accordingly with each specific situation, and at the same time discard its old outfit without undressing.

Building Activity