Negro Valor
NEGRO VALOR Living in a box….a black box with glass. Concept: In a time where building costs and energetic awareness are coming more and more adapted by men, residences are changing. Lightweight buildings, glass improvement, high insulation, low CO2 emission, in stead of heavy concrete, bricks and polluting installations. This lightness in architecture now kicks in for the market after a decade of high tech pioneering. Sustainability, industrial and flexible building processes and solutions have resulted in a remarkable project. Other than usual industrial materials and building methods are used to realize these residences. The quality and combination of simple and good floorplans with energy saving installation and building techniques are pure and shown in all its beauty, by ‘what you see is what you get’. The LCA products used in the project are global available, therefore it can be adapted by many. Project: Four residences and one with an office, all in black steel and glass, show that the market now is ready and results in an introverted design. The project blends in and is adapted by its more classical surrounding. This introvertness is achieved by, simple and logical forms, a high level of detailing and the avoiding of excessiveness in appearance. Steel and glass facade detailing is as consequent as it is optimized to the products involved. The project is designed from the inside outwards. Light¬houses with a lot of daylight to every room brings in good quality of life. Reflections, refractions and color changes of daylight on the steel wall’s and ceiling, especially the black wall and ceiling of the living area, bring in an everyday changing beautiful play of light, whether it’s sunny, clouded, rainy,or snowblistering. This project shows that ‘design’ can be affordable and even competitive to traditional building processes and techniques. Lots of glass with beautiful views and a special light entrance are the reason for lots of ‘oh’s and ah’s’ from visitors and people who pass by. Exceptional positive reactions from various people. No matter what their age or background is, everybody has an opinion, for the greater part positive. Technique: The house and office are build up out of a steel construction. This construction is surrounded by traditional structural liner trays, provided with high-quality heat insulation and black steel wall cladding, Corus HPS200. The colour black shows modesty, attention to detail and serenity. The roof is made of perforated and profiles steel sheet. The black structural liner trays lead to a special use off the interior. Photo’s, paintings, lighting and other objects are fixed with magnets to the walls and ceilings. The house and office are designed in a way that both during the day as in the evening a cosy and intimate atmosphere can be realised. A number of special one-off’s are realised in the house, for example an extreme slim window in the back front of the façade that was produced and assembled out of the tolerances of the manufacturer and sliding doors that can create an opening in the glass façade of 7,2 x 2,7 meter. Because of this opening the living room becomes a part of the exterior, the garden. Installation: The lightweight building process of the house and office requires an other approach off the installation technique. During the lack of accumulating capacity, the installation technique is used in a different way. High quality sun blocking glass is used in the house and office. Completed with main air heating and cooling (among other things airsocks combined with an airsourced heatpump) and secondary floor heating the installations provide an inner climate where it is comfortable to live and work. The first floor can be separately cooled from the rest of the house when the sliding doors are fully opened. During the deflected thermal condition in the building we have realised a low-energy house and office. All in all we have realised a remarkable project which is very pleasant to live and work in, as taste of … BLACK COURAGE


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