Nef Flats 163
NEF Flats 163 is a new concept in high-rise buildings. It is inspired by Istanbul and the lifestyle of the city’s young working professionals. The residential development places the chaotic and spontaneous form and the multilayered and irregular architectural structure into a conscious system and creates an architectural language inspired by the city. NEF Flats 163 thus eliminates the imbalance in the city created by high-rise residential buildings – a direct influence of office building design – being constructed in the city’s residential areas without regard for the existing architectural pattern. With its unique details and design, NEF Flats 163 blends in with the local architecture. The pace of modern life and need for practicality made “modularity` a goal, while unchanging human nature made “warmth` one too. NEF Flats 163 will combine the fabric of the city it is inspired by and the possibilities of modern architecture using natural materials – thereby offering residents both comfort and the experience of living in a modern design. In the design process begun with the desire to fully meet the needs of our ever-accelerating lives, the first inspiration was boxes and the second was containers whose modularity have brought them to the fore. The need for green space – one of the biggest problems of high-rises – and a nature-oriented lifestyle is met by the gardens on each floor that link the common areas. Emphasizing the importance of gardens in Istanbul’s high-rise developments, this structure possesses both symbolic value and features satisfying the needs of professionals wanting to take a break from their hectic lives. With its recreational spaces, nature orientation, and carefully planned living spaces, NEF Flats 163 is one of Istanbul’s new symbols. The main design concept is to create open spaces vertically in almost all floors by moving the floor plan on the ground planes in both directions. The structure is similar to superimposed containers, and a landscape runs through the building by the placement of flats’ personal gardens in some places and common use areas and planting in other places. Circulation areas are located at the centre of the structure and extend until the building’s short façades link up with common areas on some floors. All floor corridors face these common areas, meaning that residents pass through these common areas and the vertical landscape until they reach their homes. This different and original structure strengthens the relationship between open areas and the ground, a relationship inherently weak given the nature of high-rise buildings, and pushes standards in terms of form.


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