Naworth Castle
Naworth Castle, also known as, or recorded in historical documents as "Naward", is a castle in Cumbria, England near the town of Brampton. It is adjacent to the A69 about two miles east of Brampton. It is on the opposite side of the River Irthing to, and just within sight of, Lanercost Priory. It was the seat of the Earls of Carlisle, and is currently occupied by the heir presumptive. The castle possibly originated in the late 13th century, consisting of a square keep and bailey. It was first mentioned in 1323 and in 1335 a licence to crenellate was granted to Ranulph (or Ralph) de Dacre. Residential quarters were added in the early 16th century by Thomas, Lord Dacre and there were further additions in 1602, for Lord William Howard. It is likely that an 18th century walled garden overlies the filled moat. Howard purchased back his Dacre family estate from King James, and took up his residence with his children and grandchildren at Naworth Castle. He restored the castle, improved the estate and established order in that part of the country. He had a large family of children, of whom Philip, his heir, was the grandfather of Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Carlisle, and Francis was the ancestor of the Howards of Corby. William Morris, the artist and socialist, stayed in the castle in August, 1874. In a letter to Aglaia Coronio he writes "...all is very pleasant. Ned ( Edward Burne-Jones) & I pass our mornings in a most delightful room in one of the towers that has not been touched since William Howard of Queen Elizabeth's time lived there: the whole place is certainly the most poetical in England." From 1939-1940 Naworth was occupied by Rossall School who had been forced to vacate their own campus by various governmental departments. The Castle has a well preserved priest hole. The nearby level crossing is said to be haunted. A respected signalman claimed to have heard the ghostly cries of two young children every time he worked the crossing, and spoke of a colleague who allegedly interacted with a ghost. Both men discussed their experiences on the ITV series Extreme Ghost Stories . Locals have expressed a fear of visiting Naworth at night due to the creepy atmosphere.