Natura Is located in Niebla street #2, Col Vista Hermosa, Tlalnepantla, Edo de Mexico. Located next to a traditional area wich was built in its origins as a “modal` of the future local developments of a city; as planned to save on of hundreds of spaces that were immerced in this zone and were temporaly turned into indusrial infraestructure activities and do not match with the actual activities and plans of this area. The main caracteristics of the project are simpleness, cleanness of lines and geometrical forms and a very careful use of color, everithing related to nature and tranquility “aesthetics are ideas reflected on things` - Platon. The most special of this project is that it reflects our principal idea of interacting green spaces and nature to the look and feel of the residential spaces. The identity of any corporation and its projects, makes its personality has it although it could not want it, This is formed in Natura, it is reflected in it´s sober lines, the use of apparent concrete, the neverending search to prevail as a state of the art icon in both design and architecture. This is all a result of experience, and teamwork, of an architecture firm wich has been growing toghether as a family, and making history as a group. With a rectangular shaped area, and three-out of four of its sides being parallell to the surrounding shets, its orientation and height over ground level of NATURA a spectacular look over the valley, keeping a soft inclination that permitas the building of its 7 towers as a scaled order. The architectural program contemplates 344 living condominiums developed in 7 independent buildings with two parking underground levels, common areas for recreational uses as well as multi-use rooms, pools, gymnasium, bussiness center, private balconies and terraces for each living space, and last but not least: the most exquisite green areas. Condominiums are designed in 4 main layouts, offering alternatives and options for each clients interest, both in their dimensions and interior design. To Generate state of the art living spaces, with pure lines, intending to integrate ecology, security, tecnology in a contemporary concept where amenities are at hand and the user will have no need to step outside his own home, for everithing he/she needs is already there. The main axis of the project is born in the longitudinal way and in the center of the landmark simmetrically dividing the compound and generating a public-zone and visuals to the valley for each and every condominium in the project complemented ortogonally with 4 axis that permits to plant the buildings simmetrically though the land. Far from the usual exterior finishings representated in the average living-area building, Natura came forward with the need of sincerity, avoiding the covering of structural materials in it´s facades; the interiors have wood flooring, combined with marble, porcelain tiles, and walls and roots painted in white with aluminium screens. Facades are designed as fences that surround the exterior space, that is, it is thought to outstand the relationship between every translucid space with their translucid cristals to the “green` area of the central garden; Acheiving this to be the real main character in the facades, taking its textures shadows and colors inside every building. the land extension was formerly a factory, one wich was no longer in service and not operating, wich had a negative impact on the zone, while generating a residual leech full of pollution and contaminant, this project regenerates the area while it inserts an element that matches the zone´s social level, offering new life, and raising the value of the areas nearby land-cost.


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