National Taichung Digital Library
Urban context Taichung Digital Library is located in the southern part of Taichung city, connecting to the green belt and adjacent to the National Chung Hsing University. The urban context of Taichung originated from the excavation of the irrigation waterway since the settlement of the Tou-ren tribe in the 18th century. Based on the city's histroy, the design of National Taichung Digital Library takes the theme of "horizontal flowing" that attempts to counteract the "obstinacy of the vertical dimension" of urban development. Discourse Libraries in the digital age have shed their traditional formal image and the role of providing book services and redefine their role as: an open boundless leisure spot of creativity. The visible experience of the environment will enrich the user's creative energy. As a symbol for the "stream of knowledge", the library tries to remind the citizens, with its flowing curved image, to "search for a city, and read a city." Parti The building laid out in an "L"-shaped configuration embraces the green belt with its concaved middle portion. The main landscape featuring the Moon-gazing Mound is an epitome of the island of Taiwan. The gentle slope is intended to become an outdoor reading zone for the public. Slopes and stairs that look randomly arranged hold discreet spatial notations and lead people to the library from different directions with distinct spatial experience. The outdoor plaza working together with the layered green belt provides an inviting visual appeal to speed up the pace of the visitors walking toward the narrow trail ahead. After passing through the trail, the view broadens again in the lotus pond in the south for visitors entering from the lotus plaza on the south-western side. The lush greenery will be seen with the metal lotus as the focus of vision gradually extends to the corridor on one side. Entering from the north-eastern green belt, people will encounter an eco waterway on two small bridges following the building axis. This area provides a leisure environment, recalling a rustic interest of "inspecting the paddy field" for scholars of the early age. The interior digital theme of media reading room symbolizes the dynamic nature of digital software. The imagery of layers of bush, trunk, treetop, tree-crown, the city skyline, and clouds are all turned into the interior design. Building typology The building's tree-formed skin is constituted by curved planes, and tree trunk-shaped organic columns. The trace of folded surfaces symbolizes the unique context of central Taiwan rivers. The direction and movement reflect the length and aspect of the openings on each side. Sustainability The curved exterior wall is a light-weight composite wall system with integrated insulation. The skylight and horizontal inclining windows in the reading area introduce natural light into the reading area effectively. The underground public reading room and the recessed volumes of the ground floor facilitate the air convection. Plantation in the whole area includes a multitude of native Taiwan plants. An ecological waterway wraps around each side of the site, providing the neighboring community with a joy of shimmering water in this ecological education field. Furthermore, a rainwater recycling device and landscape pond, combined with the rooftop green garden create the micro-climate, hopefully to improve the heat island effect in the city.


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