National Memorial Hall (Mount Herzl)

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National Memorial Hall (Mount Herzl)

the National Memorial Hall at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem is an initiative of the Israeli Ministry of Defense to commemorate all military Israeli casualties of war and Jewish fighters from 1860 until today. The proposal to build the hall was announced by Defense Minister Ehud Barak in 2010.

In 2012 the Israeli government approved the establishment of the National Memorial Hall at a cost of $40 million. Certification has been delayed because of a petition to the court by families of terror victims. They say that there is no mention in the hall of the names of those victims, although the Hall is planned to be built next to the main memorial to Israeli terror victims.

The Memorial Hall is planned to be built in the entrance to the National Military and Police cemetery.

Memorial of the Unknown Soldier

In the center of the hall there is planned to be an eternal flame dedicated to the unknown soldiers of Israel.




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