Napoli Centrale railway station

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Napoli Centrale railway station
Napoli Centrale ( Naples Central Station) is the main railway station in the city of Naples and southern Italy and has the sixth largest station in Italy in terms of passenger flow. It is located next to Piazza Garibaldi to the east of the old city. It is the primary rail terminus and station for Naples, and serves Trenitalia national railways, Metrocampania, Circumvesuviana, and has an underground section known as Stazione di Napoli Piazza Garibaldi (Naples Garibaldi Piazza station) which is a main station on the Metropolitana di Napoli (Naples Metro).

The first station on the site was built in 1866 and designed by the architect Enrico Alvino. The current station was designed in 1954 by Pier Luigi Nervi, Carlo Cocchia, Massimo Battaglini, Bruno Zevi, Giulio De Luca, Luigi Piccinato and Joseph Vaccaro on the site of the old railway station and overlooks the square dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi. The project was completed in 1960. The station is currently being rebuilt.

The station has 25 tracks. It is connected to Rome by high-speed trains on the Rome”“Naples high-speed railway line as well as slower trains on the original Rome”“Cassino”“Naples line and the Rome”“Formia”“Naples Direttissima opened in 1927. It is connected to Salerno and southern Italy by the traditional Naples”“Salerno line and the recently opened Naples”“Salerno high-speed line used by long distance trains.

Below the mainline station is an underground station for the Passante line, used by line 2 of the metro as well as some mainline services, also known as Napoli Piazza Garibaldi. There is also a connection to the nearby Circumvesuviana Napoli Piazza Garibaldi station used by lines 3 and 4 of the metro.