Nanjing Hexi Olympic City Suning Square Nanjing, once the capital of six dynasties, is now one of the largest economic zones of China, the infamous Yangtze River Delta. Surrounded by the Yangtze River and mountains, Nanjing enjoys beautiful natural scenery and more than a thousand year of history. The proposed 380 meter tall sunning tower is located in Olympic City, the CBD of Nanjing Hexi.. The site is surrounded by the Nanjing International Convention Center and the Olympic Stadium and two towers that are currently under construction; the Jinao Tower and the Jindi Tower. The site is conveniently located by the intersection of Metro Line 1 and 2. After completion, it will redefine the skyline of Hexi CBD, transforming Hexi into the new city center of West Nanjing. After a thorough analysis of CBD existing buildings, the design team created a unique design to maximize the commercial value of the site. The proposed 380 meter tall Suning Tower complex will consist of commercial, enterainment, residential, cultural and waterfront recreational area. The beauty of Suning Tower lies in her dynamic curves, which derives from the curves and flow of the “Qipao` and the harmony of “pas de deux` (a dance for two people). The design process exemplifies AEDAS’s belief that the exterior form of a building should be a direct expression of its structural framework. The embracing towers reflect the Chinese philosophy embedded in “Tai Chi` and “Yin Yang`, a perfect combination of shape and soul. The understanding that great architecture must be more than skin deep, is reflected as powerfully today in SuningTower as in such AEDAS 20th century landmark designs. The curtain wall system design expresses the idea of the “ying`and “yang.` The underground plaza attracts customers whom are conveniently brought in by the nearby metro station, maximizing the commercial value. Grand steps provide communicative and interactive space for people. The round-shape courtyard provide customers with open visual space. The curve skylight brings the dynamic changing of sunlight into the inner space. The Service apartments’ twin towers provide good facing and ventilation. Panorama restaurant on the top provide a 360 degree view of the whole Nanjing city. Program Site Area: 32996 sqm Above Ground Area: 265600 sqm Underground Area: 120000 sqm FAR: 8.05 Building Ration: 44.85% Green Ration: 20.00% Building Height: 380 m Number of Floors Above Ground: 90 Function Analysis: Basement level 2-4: Parking and Equipment Room Basement Level 1-2, Level 1-6: High End Commercial Mixed Use Level 7-8: MEP for Hotel Level 9-31: 5A Office Level 33-47: 5 Star Hotel; Level 49-86: Service Apartment Level 87-88: Scenic Restaurant; Traffic Analysis North: Shopping Mall drop-off East: Office and Mall drop-off and entrance to underground parking South: Hotel and Service apartment drop-off, entrance to underground parking and Taxi and Bus waiting zone. West: Service entrance and parking for buses. Green Analysis The Landscape has four components: the City River, the City Green strip, Sunken Plaza and Convention Center Plaza. Recessing green roofs provide shoppers with a comfortable green interior environment. Sky gardens located on the bridges of the upper towers create a rich vertical community and interior space. Using the latest technology, the high-tech Suning Tower operates efficiently with high energy saving and low maintenance, expressing AEDAS’ consistent concern of the environment. Incorporating tradition and future, Suning tower will become Nanjing's new landmark and focus.


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