Nanjing Changfa Center
The Center is located in the central area of Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province China, with total floor area of 140 000 square meters. It consists of four high-rise buildings, of which two 150m-high twin office towers are on the north side, and two 135m-high apartment towers on the south side. The business services are on periphery of the sink square under the north office twin towers and the large grass slopes where the south apartment twin towers connect with the city. Nanjing is an ancient city, and the scenic spots of Xuanwu Lake"Presidential Palace"Confucius Temple form into a coordinated sequence of row, while the Changfa Center enters the sequence by allowing the axis to coincide with the middle line of the twin office towers. The designers expect that the Nanjing Changfa Center truly blend with the city and become an inseparable part in the city life. One of the design strategies adopted by Changfa Center is summarized as “Economy Technology High Efficiency`, creating highly comfort and energy-saving environment with simple energy-saving materials and low cost technology. The structure of Nanjing Changfa Center is selected as reinforced concrete tube-in-tube structure system, of which the rectangular grid consisting of cross beams and close columns in outside tubes is clearly indicated on the elevation. The façade is in unique design of “double skin` construction, of which the inner layer is of retractable down-to-floor glazing window and simple framework beam column, and the outer layer of large area perforated aluminum plate curtain wall. The inner and outer skins are inter-connected with steel frame. The retractable glazing window enables air circulation by opening windows on the super-high floors; and the perforated aluminum plates can help filter the “high rise wind` that impacts the towers transversely, and shield 40% surplus sunlight. The indoor spaces in the office buildings and apartments are of double-storey height design, with storey height respectively of 5.4m and 4.95m, to facilitate the growth enterprises and families to re-divide the indoor spaces vertically when necessary. Meanwhile, the rectangular office and residence have efficient plane and flexible use space.


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