Music Rehearsal Hall and School of Dance

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Music Rehearsal Hall and School of Dance
The music rehearsal hall and school of dance, Cluny, Bourgogne, France Near the Abbey in Cluny, this music rehearsal hall and school of dance emulates the sensations of the surrounding Roman architecture: the sculpted effects of the walls, a sense of solidity and ruggedness, an expression of strength by combining simple and compact volumes, a rudimentary effect both in terms of construction and the organisation of space. The dance school's architectural design was based on these principles and impressions. Its construction is rudimentary. Its structure comprises two prefabricated concrete assemblies; a series of superimposed pillars forming the load-bearing façade and slabs directly traversing the spans. Oak window frames add the final touch to the structure. All these elements are compact. Their dimensions match the height or width of each level. The interior spaces are bare rooms one on top of the other. Their walls offer a series of alternating solid and void formed by the structure. This regular and stable order immediately creates a link between the historical site and the school's artistic scene. Rest and movement are reversed. The block plan results from the layout of 2 volumes, one square and the other rectangular. The circulation distributing these volumes is on the outside of the buildings in the form of galvanised steel walkways, lining the Rue des Tanneries. An enclosure is outlined at the rear. The enclosure wall and the Medasson stream help to define this unfinished shape, shape reminiscent of a cloister. © text by Patrick Berger architect


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