Museum of Transportation

The Museum of Transportation (initialised MOT, reporting mark MOTX) of the St. Louis County, Missouri, United States Parks Department is a museum located in the Greater St. Louis area. It was first founded in 1944 by a group of individuals dedicated to preserving the past and has a wide variety of vehicles from American history. The historic collection includes antique cars, boats, planes, and a sizable collection of locomotives and railroad equipment from a wide area of the United States. A miniature train operates around a loop of track near the parking lot, and occasionally a full-size trolley is operated.

Vehicles and equipment

The museum has its own railway spur to an active Union Pacific Railroad main line (formerly Missouri Pacific Railroad). This has allowed the museum to receive large and unusual pieces of railroad equipment into its collection:

  • Aerotrain No. 3
  • The only surviving Milwaukee Road class EP-2 Bi-Polar Electric
  • Union Pacific Big Boy #4006
  • Norfolk & Western Y6a class 2-8-8-2 No. 2156
  • Union Pacific Centennial #6944
  • Southern Pacific class GS-6 "War Baby"" #4460
  • The only surviving EMC 1800 hp B-B locomotive - former Baltimore and Ohio Railroad #50
  • EMD FT #103, the first F-unit built, a National Engineering Landmark
  • Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western 4-4-0C #952, one of two DL&W steam locomotives in existence.
  • Erie Lackawanna EMD SD45 #3607
  • Chicago & Illinois Midland 2-8-2 #551, the sole survivng C&IM Steam locomotive
  • FDS (ITALIAN STATE RAILROAD) E550.025 Electric Locomotive
  • New York Central 4-8-2 #2933, one of two surviving examples of Large NYC Steam Power
  • Wabash EMD GP35 547, awaiting cosmetic restoration
  • Conrail GP7 5677 with Dual controls for commuter operation, built for the Central RR of New Jersey
  • Union Pacific 900081, a rotary snowplow
  • The Whale, largest tank car ever built
  • a PRR P5 electric mixed traffic #4700
  • Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad #9908 Silver Charger – the locomotive of the General Pershing Zephyr
  • Frisco 1522. 1522 was used in excursions from 1988-2002.
  • Frisco 1621. 1621 is a sister to 1630 in Union, IL

At the corner of the property is the first railroad tunnel built west of the Mississippi River. Built in 1853, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

The museum also operates a miniature railroad and a full-size trolley on a seasonal schedule.

  • A 1950s GM Aerotrain from the Rock Island railroad on display at the Museum of Transportation.

  • A 4-6-0 Camelback locomotive built by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in 1873.

  • Only surviving Milwaukee Road class EP-2 electric locomotive within the Museum of Transportation's collection.

  • An Erie Lackawanna Railway EMD SD45 restored to its original condition.

  • United States Army gas turbine locomotive 1149 displayed on the grounds of the Museum of Transportation.

  • The 9908 Silver Charger, which was the power car of the General Pershing Zephyr train.

  • Norfolk & Western 2156, the strongest-pulling steam locomotive ever built on display within the Museum of Transportation.

  • Preserved USRA Light Mikado steam locomotive with a 2-8-2 wheel arrangement.


The recently remodeled Earl C. Lindburg Automotive Center contains some unusual pieces:

  • 1908 Galloway Express truck
  • 1959 Ford gas turbine truck
  • 1901 St. Louis Motor Carriage Company car
  • 1963 Chrysler Turbine Car
  • 1964½ Ford Mustang
  • 1915 Ford Model T
  • Bobby Darin's Dream Car a DiDia 150
Boats and Planes

There is a Missouri River towboat and two airplanes on display, a C-47 Skytrain at the main gate and a T-33 Shooting Star near the scale model railroad