Museum of Berkshire Aviation
The Museum of Berkshire Aviation is a small aviation museum in Woodley, a suburb of the town of Reading in the English county of Berkshire. The museum is on the edge of the site of the former Woodley Aerodrome, and many of its exhibits relate to Phillips & Powis and Miles Aircraft companies that were based there from 1932 until 1947. Other aircraft exhibited were built by Handley Page (Reading) Ltd and by Fairey Aviation at White Waltham near Maidenhead. Exhibits include:
  • A Fairey Gannet carrier-borne anti-submarine aircraft, formerly operated by the Royal Navy.
  • A Fairey Jet Gyrodyne " a composite helicopter and autogyro, or gyrodyne.
  • A Handley Page Herald turboprop airliner, designed by Miles and built at Woodley after Handley Page took over Miles' aircraft contracts.
  • A Miles Magister two seat basic trainer.
  • A Miles Martinet target-towing aircraft.
  • A Miles Student two seat side-by-side jet trainer.