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The territorial order of downtown Santiago is intimately connected to the historical city, it understands the public space as not built, configured by the perimetrical occupation of the square. We understand this history and its tradition, but we consider the possibility of advancing in the construction of a new territory, which has a clear compromise with the citizens’ diversity and the democratic spaces. Matucana Center, of which the Museum of Memory is the first constructed step, will be an open square. It understands and harmonizes itself with the inherited city, incorporating and changing it. The Museum of Memory won’t be an isolated monument, loose and lacking urban [and human] responsibility. On the contrary, it will be an element compromised directly with the delimitation and characterization of this new public space of Santiago. A generous space is proposed, full of possibilities and pathways. The Museum is conceptually organized in two moments: the Exposition Beam and the Base. The first, elevated, the history, the information, the act of living memory, open on both ends, like someone who lets life pass, naturally. The other, the Base, in a first step deep as a mine, where the study, the production, the invention, the seminars, the knowledge of the land and the territory are located; in another step, the necessary support by the administration sectors. The Beam as a specific museographical space and the Base as a museological one, a place of study and support. Along both sides of the Exposition Beam are the circulations, bathrooms and support systems, lightened by the translucency of the perforated copper plates and the second external skin, made of transparent glass, thus creating a totally controlled inner environment. On a second effect, the light also penetrates all the exposition space through the semi-opaque glass walls. The manifestation, the flourishing of this knowledge is the contemporary objective of a museum. It appears from deep, well planted roots in the underground [the Base], from where the energetic, productive, mineral potentials appear; the solidity has the opportunity to manifest itself. In the interior, the glass boxes, the necessary transparency, the vivacity; the memory lived in fragments, each one forming, altogether, the repertory of the idiosyncrasy of a nation.


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