Municipal Park of Pegia "Paliomonastiro"

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Municipal Park of Pegia "Paliomonastiro"
The Municipality of Pegeia wished to create a Park that would attract tourist and residence of Cyprus to promote the region. They wanted an area that would fit in with the local culture and Mediterranean beauties of the area and at the same time that would attract all types of visitors to the natural beauties and the amenities it will hold. Therefore the idea of the Botanical Gardens was introduced which would cultivate produce that is traditional in the area – olive groves, vineyards, bananas and herbs (such as basil, cloves, aniseed, bay leaves, mint, coriander, oregano, mountain tea, chamomile). Also a traditional local produce and product shop was created which would sell products cultivated in the grounds themselves, as well as other produce, which are difficult to produce there (honey, fruit preserves, olive oil, wine, Cypriot cheeses such as haloumi and mizithra, traditional food and sweets etc). Of course, attention will be paid to the quality and authenticity of these products. The restaurant created will offer local and traditional dishes made from local produce, catered by expert staff. Photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roof of the restaurant to contribute towards the electricity needs of the park and buildings. The roof has been insulated with vegetation to make the building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. There is a conference area that can be used for small seminars, lectures and cultural events. The large rock structures were not interfered with but were enhanced with lighting and water features. The three buildings used traditional architecture and materials with stone from the area and are connected with wooden pergolas. The footpaths that were created were incorporated into the existing topography of the area. Lighting and benches have been added in a way that is as natural as possible. These footpaths thru the botanic gardens lead up to a small chapel and viewing points over the surrounding sea and countryside.


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