Municipal Orphanage
The layout reconciles the advantages of a centralized structure with those of a decentralizes pattern of pavilions. The pavilions system is transformed into a continuous but perforated built volume within which both the pavilions and the main block are identifiable. The entrance court is the heart of the building, it's adjoined by a spacious lobby where the buildingĀ“s two internal streets intersect. The residential units are arranged in a staggered formation, giving each of them a communication with an individual outdoor space and with the internal street. The result is a poly centric building, with an articulation of large and small, inside and outside, in a successions of units, each defined in its own right, while interlocking rhythmically. Underlying this balance is a strictly upheld architectural order, consisting of columns, load-bearing walls and architraves which combine to form a square grid of beams. The roof domes on top of the grid provide a continuous spatial articulation.


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