Mountains and Opening
slope and cantilever

The architecture named Mountain/Opening has a public gathering space for
guests=office,and single family residence in one house. Coexisting polarities of
private and public features this architecture. The upper floor is a design
room =office, and lower floor is a residence.

The upper floor is built on an inclined ground, and this architecture is
designed taking full advantage of this topography. It has a form as if it is
to start flying. People feel ' Dragon is flying', when they stand on the

At the lower floor, a mountain is made to emphasize the slope. The slope is
not leveled down, instead two mountains are mounded and the house is built
between them. People feel 'We are safe ' in this space, it is like lining in
cave. And it is also like a bear den.We have contrived to design mountains
which can be invisible interior from outside and also not to look outside
houses, but only the sky from inside.

It is flying away, yet it is anchored.
It is drifting, yet it is homely.
It is sky, and it is Earth.
It is far, yet it is near.

The development is utilized as a design office for a Japanese sneaker brand, as well as the residence of the owner. The development is built on a sloped hill of a residential district at an elevation of 330 meters. The development overlooks the Osaka plain while it also has breathtaking views of the Osaka plain.
Meanwhile the studio above cantilevers out and overlooks the Osaka Plain. The living areas are on the lower floor, sheltered on three sides by the earth of the sloping site.

We repeatedly understanding of site in serious consideration, which is a benefit for the client's image of the architecture. Before getting to the actual architecture of the building, the architects decided to put the ideas of a “slope” into order. What is the definition of a slope? Our answer was: The correlation between rising and falling, crossing far and nearby nature. The multifarious worlds that make people sense a place called “slope”.

We decided to call the architecture a “mountain.” The plan for this slope is to shape the mountain structurally, but the goal was to let the clients feel the uninterrupted flow of the curves that define the mountain. By giving a sense of closeness to the wave-like architecture, a small change to the curve would lead to a loss of balance. So, they affected the way openings were designed, the mountain and the entire architecture needed also to change its form to fit the structure of the site. “Architecture is not built on a site where the slope is flattened. By contrary the angle of the slope is increased, which results in two mounds. Between these two mounds a living space is built and the upper story floating on these two mounds is a design room”,

The Structure of the Deck : The framework of the upper floor is steel and the lower floor is reinforced concrete. The upper floor evokes a sense of being on the deck of a boat and in order to achieve this feeling architectural columns and walls are designed as to make one unaware of their existence. To achieve this, we used two different methods.
1. Revaluation of the trusses. It is not immediately apparent; however, since horizontal slits were cut into the northern wall, trusses were set into it. It is like the structure of a bridge. Bridges are set into the upper part of the horizontal slits which allow the floor to float in the air while concealing the structural device.
2. Concealing the structural members in the curves Columns are in the curves forming the openings and this also is concealed. The curves of the openings respond each other with the curves of the mountains. A fantasy created by the repeated curves appearing over and over again.
3. The lower floor fully utilizes the slope of the mountain. The hidden areas become mountains?while the areas that is required light become valleys. These rolling undulations are all part of the design.
The upper and lower floors are used in different ways. The upper floor is a design room.The lower floor houses residential quarters. That is there are public spaces within the residential quarters. Taking balance to unify the upper and lower portions, the curves of the mountain are made continuous with the curves of the openings.


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