Mountain Eco Resort
Mountain Eco Resort Inspired by a dramatic context of dark basalt mountains and enveloping sand dunes, the proposal for an eco resort within the world heritage region of the Acacus Mountains in the Sahara desert, is conceived as a collection of sculpted building forms that respond to the grain and stratification of the rock formations, gathered around a protected courtyard space. The form of the building is carefully articulated to channel prevailing winds through the structure and works with strategically placed water features to provide additional evaporative cooling. The rammed earth and stone walls provide high thermal mass, which assists moderating internal temperatures naturally, whilst stone louvres set into the envelope provide shading to the external spaces. The enclosure and spatial arrangements draw from local medinas with compact, shaded courtyards with communal uses at ground floor and access to hotel rooms at upper levels. All accommodation offers unique views of the surrounding landscape and provides comfortable outdoor space with balconies and rooftop terraces. The resort will comprise a variety of accommodation ranging from standard doubles, split-level deluxe rooms and private villas, to a backpackers lodge and a serviced campsite. Other facilities are located at ground floor and include a spa-hammam, treatment rooms, crèche, restaurants, cafes and retail units. The wider energy strategy employs a tri-generation plant for cooling network and hotel hot water, solar thermal energy solutions, photovoltaics and a biological waste and water treatment plant. The resort’s sustainability strategy aims at fully integrating the local community, through the establishment of local supply chains, in construction, management, employment and education. The use of locally sourced, sustainable materials and intelligent renewable energy solutions are key benchmarks, whilst the overarching theme is to contribute towards the conservation of the Acacus mountains and its rock-art, through the use of trained guides, a resort education hub, exhibition space and conservation schemes.


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