Moscow Power Engineering Institute

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Moscow Power Engineering Institute
Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) is one of the largest and leading technical universities in the world in the area of power engineering, electronics and IT. It is located in Moscow, Russia, and was founded in 1930.

Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) was created by uniting several faculties of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics.

  • Li Peng - Premier of China
  • Han Zhenxiang - former President of Zhejiang University
  • Ion Iliescu — 8th President of Romania.
  • Viktor Pelevin
  • Nikolay Petrovich Brusentsov — chief designer of the ternary logic computer called « Setun», honoured researcher in Moscow State University;
  • Vladimir Holstinin — Russian musician, a co-founder of the band called Aria.

Famous people
There was a number of famous researches working in Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) such as:
  • Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kotelnikov — information theory and radar astronomy pioneer, mostly known for having discovered, independently of others (e.g. Edmund Whittaker, Harry Nyquist, Claude Shannon), the sampling theorem in 1933.
  • Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov — an eminent Soviet nuclear physicist, dissident and human rights activist, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1975.
  • Sergey Ivanovich Vavilov — a Soviet physicist, the President of the USSR Academy of Sciences from July 1945 until his death. His elder brother Nikolai Vavilov was a famous Russian geneticist.

  • Classical applied institute.
  • Institute of automatics and computer science.
  • Institute of energy effectiveness problems.
  • Radio engineering and electronics institute.
  • Thermal and atomic power engineering institute.
  • Institute of technology, economics and enterprise.
  • Electrical engineering institute.
  • Power industry institute.
  • Power mechanical engineering and mechanics institute.
  • Faculty of access courses.
  • Institute of industry education "MPEI-FESTO".
  • Institute of industry safety.
A special high school was founded in 1989 where some of MPEI research assistants teach of 9-11 grade students.