Morgan Academy

Morgan Academy is a secondary school in Dundee, Scotland. It was designed in 1862 by the Edinburgh architects John Dick Peddie and Charles Kinnear, opening in 1868 as the Morgan Hospital, a charitable institution providing accommodation and education for "sons of tradesmen and persons of the working class generally whose parents stand in the need of assistance". The building is similar in design to Fettes College in Edinburgh. The architecture is designated as a Category 'A' listing by Historic Scotland.

Its benefactor was John Morgan, the son of a Dundee maltman, who emigrated to India at the age of 20 where, with his brother, he became a wealthy indigo farmer. Upon his death in 1850 he bequeathed much of his fortune to establish a residential institution. The hospital closed in 1888 and was bought by the members of the Dundee Burgh School Board, who re-opened it as a school.

Until the advent of comprehensive education in the late 1960s and early 1970s, there were mainly two types of high school in Scotland: junior secondaries where students left school at 16 and began preparation for one of the trades or entered the workforce, and academies where students remained until the end of fifth or sixth year and took highers before normally going to college or university. Morgan functioned in the latter category.

Present day

The school suffered a fire in 2001 which destroyed much of the building. It was rebuilt using the original facade and much of the internal appearance and re-opened in August 2004.

A portrait of John Morgan, found in the basement of the McManus Galleries, was unveiled at newly rebuilt school and placed on show in the Great Hall of the school.

The school consists of four houses: Airlie, Cortachy, Glamis and Mains which compete annually for the House Championship and also elect House Captains, one male and one female, from Sixth Year.

The school house, Glamis, is in the process of being removed, due to the lack of guidance teachers in the house.

The current rector of Morgan Academy is Mr. Stephen Shaw.

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