Moore HoneyHouse
The honeyhouse is a volumetric response to the confluence of natural and rational processes. Beehives are located in the forest just beyond the site adjacent to the existing residence. Articulated as a single workspace, a box container with multiple storage units, disengaged from the earth to protect the refined honey from vermin and insects and allow uninterrupted site drainage. The structure’s single most prominent and complex architectural element is a unique steel plate and faceted glass load bearing wall that acts to organize the display of honey, filter natural light, and provide a rich mosaic of reflections of the surrounding foliage. Its dense polyrhythmic character achieves a dynamic materiality as it embraces weathering, organic life forms, and apiarian activities. The inverted metal wing roof of the adjacent carport structure is intended as a counterpoint to the roof forms of the existing house and provides for an independent, yet complimentary relationship with the honeyhouse.


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