Montreal Museum of Fine Arts - Claire & Marc Bourgie Pavilion

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Montreal Museum of Fine Arts - Claire & Marc Bourgie Pavilion

This Montreal Museum of Fine Arts project, is a unique endeavour in Canada in that it renders the reconfiguration of the Erskine & American Church feasible and usable for cultural and public purposes. The resulting Canadian Art Pavilion will house one of this country’s most significant collections of Canadian art.

This Museum project is a contemporary and context-specific architectural undertaking that creates a counterpoint with the existing building. The main challenge was to preserve the church’s heritage building while providing Montreal with a remarkable new museum space.

For the past several years, the reconfiguration of Québec churches has proved to be a complex and challenging issue. A sharp decline in church attendance has given rise to some urgent reflextion, bringing with it the responsibility to preserve this heritage for future generations.

The nave of the Erskine and American Church could not be used for museological purposes without undergoing a radical transformation. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts therefore decided to preserve its architectural integrity and use it for public events.

Work focused on the annex, where the Canadian art collection will be housed. The scale and heritage value of the collection justifies this transformation, which will preserve the church’s most precious spaces. Close to 2 000 m2 of exhibition space will be made available for the Canadian art collection.

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