Monoson Tower

High-end condominiums 194,700 sqft (18,100m2)
66 condos & 4 penthouses

Design 2007
Build 2009

Ground lobby, high-end amenities & two garden apartments 9100 sqft (850m2)
Levels 2 -10 with five units on each floor 87,200 sqft (8100m2)
Levels 11 -15 with five units on each floor 48,400 sqft (4500m2)
One penthouse level with three penthouse units 7000 sqft (650m2)
One underground parking level 43,000 sqft (4000m2)
Surface parking

Cast-in-place concrete structure
Precast units of concrete and marble cladding shell
GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) elements

Design info:
Every level has a luxurious 1600 sqft (150m2) lobby connects to all the units.
On level ten, there is a mid-building outdoor space with a roof deck garden.


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