Mode-Gakuen Spiral Towers

Name of the project: MODE-GAKUEN SPIRAL TOWERS Address: 4-27-1 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Country: JAPAN Site Area (m2): 3,540.06 Building Area (m2): 2,365.75 Total Flore Area (m2): 48,988.96 Height (m):+170 No. of Floors: 36 stories and 3 basement levels Typical floor height (m): 4.1 Structure: Steel, Basement=RC/S Construction Period : 2005/ 10/29?2008/02/29 Principal Use: Vocational School, Retail Mode-Gakuen Spiral Towers located in busy Main Street of Nagoya city in front of Nagoya Station. The towers are designed for 3 schools that represent the school of fashion design, the computer programming and the medical support. The concept of the towers are derived from enthusiasm of students from 3 schools are twining and rising up to the sky then depart to the real world. 3 buildings of class rooms around the spiral core are called “Wing


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    Mode-Gakuen Spiral Towers The spiral towers stand out the Nagoya skiline Mode-Gakuen Spiral Towers Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers Mode-Gakuen Spiral Towers The Spiral Towers consists 3 fan-shaped wings Facade design at the top Mode-Gakuen Spiral Towers A new landmark of Nagoya City Open square The sequence of triangular windows Interior Lighting design New Skyline Site Plan 1F Plan 15F Plan 28F/36F
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