“ I believe in a middle line in architecture. I hold no brief either for the diehard traditionalist or the extreme
modernist. It seems idle to me to compare styles and say that one is better than the other " _ Sir Giles
Gilbert Scott
A building that is the symbol and beholder of an extraordinary history demands an
approach which evokes, inspires and remembers its stories by retaining the visual
memory of all its art deco details, including its cracked walls, marks, broken beams, etc.
Therefore the decision was made to preserve the existing conditions of the station as it is,
like a magnificent relic, and to insert into the general volume an unexpected threedimensional
wrapping element that will neither change or affect the walls but, to the
contrary, will actually prevent their further decadency, creating at the same time a new
dialogue between the past and the future like the intentions of that believed middle line.
The Three main halls are covered in translucent ETFE embracing the verticality, the
rhythm and the language of the aesthetically pleasing shapes of the arches and the fine
balance in heights between the two side turbine halls and the spacious-central hall.
The dramatic theatricality is maintained in this epic space, typical of the gothic style,
while the innovative inflated material itself and its advanced technology becomes a
symbol of modernity.
The ETFE creates new spaces for the Museum of Architecture, contributes to the control
of the internal temperature and works also as a screen to protect the building yet still
allowing for the view of all the original details.
We believe that sustainability, in this case, does not only mean introducing technology to
reduce consumption or using clean energy but moreover radically cutting energy use and
waste materials that would certainly be involved in a renovation process of the entire
Due to the nature of this non-invasive approach, the exterior site area becomes a natural
extension of Battersea Park where functions and services are integrated into the landscape
design. Shapes and materials will be reminiscent of a dismissed industrial field that
during the years has been naturally incorporated and merged harmoniously with the

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