The public housing project MKB Ankarspelat is situated on the harbourfront of Malmo, Sweden. The original thought was to create a 3 dimensional grid out of concrete beams and columns, from which you could develop a complex and yet logical and structural building. By adding and subtracting from the grid the building was shaped like a geometrcal cliff with ravines, passages and crevices. The main crevice provides acces to the open courtyard, where the 1 storey row houses are situated. The row houses is part of the landscaping and creates a transition from the scale of the harbourfront , to the more intimate small housing scale of the courtyard. The placement of the row houses creates small, varied and intimate outdoor spaces in the courtyard. The interplay between the variedly displaced facades challenges and yet respects the general urban planning of the area, and creates a spatial filter and an articulated architectonic threshold between the private and the public space. The strong intention of the architect was to create an interesting spatial flow, even in the smallest apartments. The different apartment types all have their specific spatial character and organisation. The strong light at the harbour front emphasizes the threshold and creates a dramatic play of shadows on the facade. The building materials is made of a combination of white painted precast concrete elements and a reflecting aluminum facadecladding. The variation of the materials emphasises the spatial variation of the building, and reflects the cool nordic light in different ways.


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