Mixed Use Development

The proposal for this mixed use office building in Los Angeles, California creates a world-class landmark building aiming to enhance the cities vision as the premier quality city in the southeast area of Los Angeles County and to revitalize the industrial landscape of the site into a vital urban environment. 
The project is characterized by its response to the urban setting, its vision for a unique office work environment within a highly sustainable building design, and by its formal and structural elegance. The three level mixed use building includes a café and retail space at the ground floor and two levels of open office spaces above. The office spaces are configured around a center atrium space that opens up to the street creating the main entrance for the building. The ephemeral quality of the building envelope is realized through a high tech fabric enclosure system that  utilizes multiple layers of fabrics with different degrees of transparencies/ opacities. This envelope is able to adjust to the different exterior light conditions and provide consistent natural daylight levels throughout the office spaces. While the more delicate fabric encloses for the upper two office levels, the restaurant and retail spaces on the ground floor open up to the street with a glass envelope. Landscape elements create a green barrier between the outdoor seating area of the café and the street.

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