Mix 422

Mix 422 will be built in Vila Madalena, an alternative and bohemian district in São Paulo's West Side. For years, bars, restaurants, stores and art galleries have set up in the region, occupying and transforming properties amidst the low-rise and simple housing that still prevails, and drawing a young and modern public to the area. Keeping in mind the context and audience mentioned above, we designed a mixed-use building - residential, commercial and services - to house apartment units, office suites, a store, a café and a gym, over two perpendicular volumes, each featuring the seclusion or openness required. Independent accesses, yet integrated, organize and distribute the flow of people around the building: the main entrance, on Aspicuelta Street, serves mostly the apartment and office units, while a secondary entrance, two levels below, on Fradique Coutinho Street, leads directly to the store. Both entrances are connected by a staircase/gallery where the flow of people is free and unrestricted, and where, therefore, not only will those who live or work in the building circulate, but also those who are just passing the area. Office units of different sizes, lay-outs, ceiling heights (sometimes single, others double) and balconies are distributed on the 6 floors above the ground level, along both wings of the building. On the higher floors, the two wings take on different functions: one concentrates the housing units, and the other features a gym, with privileged views of the city. Located at the top of the building, the apartment units of the ensemble occupy 2 levels and the rooftop floor. An open-air promenade, on the 8th floor, provides access to each of the units, which comprises a lounge and kitchen on the entrance level; bedroom(s) on the lower level, the 7th; and a wood-decked terrace on the top floor, the 9th. Conceived as houses, the apartment units are a reference to the small and simple units that once used to dominate the landscape. A tribute to those houses, up on high.


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