Mittal One

Mittal One is a Comemrcial Office and Retail Building between the Reay Road and the Cotton Green Railway Stations in South Mumbai. The Barrister Nath Pai Road promises to be one great location for some fabulous buildings in Mumbai due to good North South Connectivity and the preferred South Mumbai Location.


Tecton Consultants was commissioned by the Mittal Builders to design a building that does justice to this project. Given the prime location and the importance of the project for Gen Next Mittals, Tecton christened the building Mittal One.


The site is a difficult site bounded by a railway line to the east and Oil Silos to the west. It is in a downtown industrial zone that is rapidly changing to Commercial and Residential with mounting real estate pressures.


The design solution was to generate a mass that protects the users from the surrounding environment insulating them from the noise and views creating an island of tranquility of sorts.


Clean floor plates are screened from the outside with a double skin to damp noise, control dust and curtail the incidence of sunlight. A landscaped zone is created in-between the double skin.

Building Activity