The small apartment of a lawyer/photographer, located near the ancient Women's bazaar in the city center of Sofia, is surrounded by the authentic view of low density brick buildings from the beginning of the twentieth century. The main goal of the interior project is to reconcile the spirit of the neighborhood with the contemporary look of the living space.

The living room and the bedroom which face east are opened to the outside and painted white, thus allowing maximum sunlight to flow through the windows into the apartment. The main materials (industrial parquet, white curtains, white walls and cupboards, untreated MDF, grey fabric) blend seamlessly into the exposed brick walls and greenery of the neighborhood.

The large scale of the wall panels, the furniture and the forms create a feeling of spaciousness and freedom of the plan. The lower ceiling in the vestibule and its grey color, as well as the unification of the corridor, the storage, the dining, the kitchen and the lounge area create the feeling of a lighter and bigger room. The sculptural accent in the living room is a work by Bulgarian sculptor Kiril Kuzmanov.

The industrial parquet walls in the living room and in the bedroom have different function – in the living room the wall focuses the view to the dining table and the sofas, while in the bedroom it creates intimacy and comfort. The bath is enclosed behind a sliding mirror door and it is covered in one homogenous material, while the mirror inside it visually doubles the space. The balcony is separated from the bedroom by using grey tiling, while in the meantime present also on the inside in the form of a podium.

Building Activity

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