Mirror House

The project is a transformation of an existing playground structure.

It plays with perspective and the traditional end of a house, where the end wall suddenly becomes another gable and renders the house infinite. The reflective wall creates a sympathetic transition between building and landscape. With very little expense, it manages to transform an existing bleak and anonymous building into a new unique feature of the interactive playground.

The monolithic, timber-clad volumes and the mirrored headboards reproduce the park's vegetation, and the surprising angles emphasize the purpose of the pavilion and serve as an invitation to play. When the doors of the facade on the playground open, each reveals a new meandering mirror for the kids to play with.

The building is the first of three projects MLRP has developed together with the Municipality of Copenhagen Engineering Management in connection with the renovation and modernization of the park. The other two projects include a new footbridge across the lake in Copenhagen park, and a new building at the Traffic playground. The bridge should be completed by end January 2012 and Traffic playground in autumn 2012.

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