Miravalle Tower

Miravalle Tower Monterrey, Mexico The Miravalle Tower is a multifamily housing project consisting of 84 high level apartments, plus four luxury penthouses. The site, with an spectacular vegetation density for the area, -with pecan trees of up to 25 mts.- suggested a maximum respect for the existing green areas. For this reason, -and of course the potential views that could be enjoyed- is that a high rise solution was adopted. solving the building in a four apartment per floor scheme, with an integrating central core for vertical circulation. The final solution is a 26 storey tower plus 3 underground parking levels, providing each housing unit with parking for 2 vehicles, as well as some storage room. The building´s structural solution is based on a post-tensed concrete structure, with a precast concrete envelope, and double glass window panes with Low-E technology. It is important to say that the building was carefully studied in bioclimatic terms, in order to achieve the right balance between the opening towards the spectacular mountain views and he buildings energy efficiency. As an additional feature, the project has a large swimming pool, as well as a party pavilion, within the existing gardens. Finally, the standard apartments will be in the range of the 160 square meters, while the penthouses are solved in two levels, having an area of 360 square meters. Project Name: Miravalle Tower Project Architect: Gilberto L. Rodriguez GLR Arquitectos Project Team: Bernardo Chapa Catalina Fernandez David Pedroza Tomas Guerena Oscar OFarrill JoaquÌn Jenis Location: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico Date: 2007 Constructions Documents: GLR Arquitectos Project Management: Escala Contractor: Constructora Anahuac Interior Designer: Barbara Lobeira Lighting Consultant: Troll Energy Efficiency Consultant: Carlos Miranda Landscape Architecture: Claudia Harari Developer: Inveregio Photography: Alejandro Rodriguez Jorge Taboada


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