MINT-Toy Museum

Singapore’s toy museum is located in Seah Street, facing the side entrance to the historic Raffles Hotel. The site, a former shophouse, is just 5.5m wide and 27.5m in length. The height of the new building was constrained by planning regulations and it was limited to five storeys. Flanked by two shophouses the front and the rear elevations of the new infill building are designed to allow maximum light and ventilation to enter the internal spaces. The façade of the museum is an arrangement of overlapping glass panels set on horizontal steel channels. Behind this glass façade is a second skin, a composition of both solids and voids. In between the two layers, at the pedestrian level, is a covered glass walkway, which traverses the void above a sunken courtyard. The museum entrance is accesed by a ramp up from street level. This creates a double height entrance lobby that doubles as an exhibition space, and overlooks the café below. A column free space is created internally and all floors and walls are of in-situ fairfaced concrete. Services are contained within a


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    front facade at daytime at night the glass fins are subtly lit the glass fins projecting from the facade customised fixtures for toy displays and rest the double volume entrance reveals the cafe below view of glass facade from interior view of displays leading to the vertical core elevation plans section BB section AA a box hovers between the party walls at 3rd level view of the museum from Seah Street view of fins in detail
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