Millennium Business Center
Millenium bussines center - Bucharest - Fusion between past and future In a context of urban fragments, the task of the building was to act as a joint and to hold together an incoherent spacial structure, creating a link between valuable architectural objects of the past separated by spacial gaps and creating a superposition of activities, belonging to the old and to the new city. The shape is a result of the architectural volumetric conjunction between an urban context and a semi-curved tower, acting as a catalysator for urban space. By binding the unstructured urban surroundings, the tower responds to the complexity of post socialist parameters. Acting as nodal point, the building reacts to the different parameters of its urban proximity by confronting them with specific volumes and finishing modes. The urban context is remodeled by concentrating new functions at the heart of the historic city. However, the silhouette of the tower has a unique identity by its height and personalizes the entire site. The building brings public space into the interior and reveals the interior space to the city, letting the city flow through it. A dynamic atmosphere is given to the site by the curvature of the façade. Architectural volumes having the same height as the adjacent buildings create a `base` that establishes a link and a balance between the old city and the rising vertical accent. The result is a conglomerate that holds together the force fields of a particular heterogenous site. A dialectic relationship is established between the building and the site. The project looks towards the future while respecting the past.


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