Millenium Park

In the New Capital of Nigeria, Abuja, the Millennium Park is dedicated to art and nature.

Close to the nucleus of presidential and administrative buildings, the area of the park, some 32 hectares, is divided into two parts by polygonal pools, inserted into the bends of a river defining a rectilinear axis.

One side of the Park is dedicated to the scientific knowledge of the natural environment. Its layout, strictly geometrical, reveals two important symbolic elements of the landscape, is based on a trident of travertine clad promenades surrounded by fountains. The spring from an ancient “holy” cotton tree, while the centrally located promenade points toward the Aso Rock, an imposing grey granite mountain symbolically protecting the New Capital.

It includes a botanical and an astronomy garden with gnomons for discovering the tropical sky.

The other side of the river is dedicated to uncontaminated nature. On a simple system of terraces we find mountain vegetation, savannah, deciduous forest, rain forest and brushwood as well as greenhouses and aviaries for butterflies and tropical birds.

Chosen for the annual Meeting of the Commonwealth Countries, The Millennium Park was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth of England on the 4th December 2003. For the occasion a garden of “Travellers” Balm trees was planted near the Cotton tree.


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