Mill Woods Town Centre
Mill Woods Town Centre is a shopping centre located in south Edmonton, Alberta in the neighbourhood of Mill Woods. It contains 85 retailers including Zellers, Canadian Tire, Safeway and Shoppers Drug Mart. Some surrounding satellite stores are located in and around the mall's exterior properties such as Petcetera and a medical centre. There is also an ETS transit centre on the eastern side of the property.

Development for the mall started in the late 1970s; it was designed so that people would not have to leave Mill Woods to get access to major department stores. When the mall first opened, the two department store spaces were occupied by KMart and Woodward's respectively. When Woodward's went bankrupt in 1993, the space was occupied by Eaton's for short time. But when Eaton's was experiencing financial troubles in the mid-1990s, the store at Mill Woods Town Centre was one of two Edmonton Eaton's stores that was shut down. In 1998, the KMart store also shut its doors, leaving both department store spaces in the mall vacant. In 1999, the spaces were filled with two new retailers. Canadian Tire moved into and renovated the old KMart space, while the Hudson's Bay Company opened up a Zellers store in the former Woodward's/Eaton's space.

  • Zellers 122,803 sq ft (11,408.8 m 2)
  • Canadian Tire 87,863 sq ft (8,162.7 m 2)
  • Safeway 48,766 sq ft (4,530.5 m 2)
  • Shoppers Drug Mart 16,433 sq ft (1,526.7 m 2)
  • Petcetera 15,720 sq ft (1,460 m 2)