Michelet 50

The apartment building is situated in the centre of Mexico City, in the district of Anzures, indicating the urban character of the plot. According to the requirements of the client, we designed a building which features different apartment typologies divided into three blocks, giving more square meters of facade to each side. Common areas of the apartment community are contained in a single space looking outside to three facades. The building stands way behind the street line, giving space to create green zones in an urban district. Each of them surrounds and enters into the volume to become service areas. This idea became the main driving force behind the interior space design. A glass facade covers the irregular wall of the building to provide a unique appearance, also giving a character of unlimited connection between interior and exterior space.  Just the horizontal framing marks the different levels of the construction.

Meanwhile we were developing the project; the Mexican artist Jeronimo Hagerman installed one of his plastic art works in the Museum Sala de Siqueiros of Mexico City, using veining plants perfectly the ones we were thinking for the green areas. In collaboration with the artist, we kindly could insert the plants in the project, once finished the exposition; giving them a new utility.

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