Mexico Resort

Green is the new gold in the design of Hotel le Monde in Mexico.

Worldwide tourist destinations have common features. The tourist searches for beauty, adventure, exclusivity and hospitality. Here resort definitions will shift from exclusivity to wellness of body and mind, a rediscovery of our bond with nature. Constructed with zero carbon and zero waste, the resort sets new standards for energy efficient tourism yet simultaneously maintains comfort. Using renewable energy sources, it promotes social responsibility and the protection of the natural environment.

Implementing intelligent building technologies such as interactive shading devices, natural day lighting and ventilation systems, as well as the use of locally sourced materials, ensures that these targets will
be met. Distinctive identity is created through local art, colours, vegetation and fauna inspiring the design.
Current tourist attractions consume excessive amounts of energy and natural resources. A lifestyle of health and sustainability will replace the need for consumption.

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    Beautiful sculptural form. What are some of the locally sourced materials?
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