Mexican Embassy Berlin


The Mexican Embassy in Berlin is the winning design for a competition held in 1997 in which eight groups of architects participated. The new embassy building enjoys a privileged location in the center of Berlin, on Klingelhöfer Avenue, one of the capital’s most important thoroughfares, just a hundred meters from the Tiergarten. 
The building occupies a 1,100-square-meter block at the corner of Rauchstrasse. It is bordered by two pedestrian streets that lead to a small park in the heart of the area known as the Klingelhöfer triangle. Like other buildings in the area, the embassy is 18 meters high and its facades are aligned with those of its neighbors. 
The idea was to create a building with an unmistakable image, one that would assume a lasting place in the urban memory. Also a distinct form that would represent Mexico, and that, needless to say, would meet the urban standards of this privileged site. The main facade is a portico 18 meters high that frames two planes of vertical brise-soleils, one slanted and one cambered. Together they configure a bay that signals the entrance. On the lateral facade along Rauchstrasse, there is a second, narrower portico with vertical brise-soleils. These allow complete transparency form inside: a dynamic effect that depends on the position of the observer. The interplay of porticoes and planes creates an effect of monumentality, lightness and transparency that expresses the complex reality of Mexico: a young country heir to millenarian traditions.

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